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Wow what an amazing privilege to be involved in such a fantastically exciting journey, if only from a long way away and from a technical perspective.  We help 1Bike1World with the more challenging and technical aspects of maintaining their website and associated infrastructure.  We didn’t create the website initially, we help maintain it now however, helping with improvements and consulting on the more technical parts.

The 1Bike1World story is a truly amazing one, a story that began with a scottish gentlemen called Dean embarking on a solo journey around the world on a bicycle!   A story which now involves Dean and Nala cycling around the world on a bike!  Did I mention that Nala is a cat?  Yes, a beautiful stray cat that joined Dean on an amazing journey and has captured the hearts of many people around the world.

If you’re not already family with the 1Bike1World story, it really is quite some story and well worth checking out either via their lovely website (link’s all over this page), or visit their social channels (links also below).

We’d also recommend checking out the amazing 1Bike1World comic, we have and its a lovely light hearted feel good story that will brighten up your day.  Check it out via the link below.

1Bike1World does a lot for charity and Dean visits animal centers along the way, often making donations.

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1Bike1World – Comic Subscription

Catch up with all things Dean & Nala while brightening up your day, very reasonably priced too with between 4 & 7 new comics posts per week!

Click the image to go to the subscription page.

1Bike1World – Shop

The 1Bike1World shop has lots of novelty items relating to Nala’s journey with Dean.  The charity calendar has been very popular and raised money for some amazing charities.

1Bike1World – About


As you can see from the 1Bike1World About page, the story has been covered by many major news outlets including TV.


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